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Primula veris

‘Sunset Shades’


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Primula veris ‘Sunset Shades’

Fragrant heads of old fashioned “Cowslips” in sunset shades of coppers and reds, make Primula veris ‘Sunset Shades’ one of the delights of emerging from winter.

Neat shade blooms

Sunset Cowslips make the neatest little clumps of bloom and foliage.
They grow to just 20cm. in full bloom and are little treasures.

Primula veris ‘Sunset Shades’ is very happy in well watered pots or containers, as well as shaded garden sites.
They love Shade to Deep Shade, or a little Dappled Sunlight or early Morning Sun.
But please do shade them from any hot sun.
Then they make a tough shade performer, that is also frost hardy.
In fact Primula veris, the old fashioned Cowslips, are amongst the easiest for Australian gardens, provided they get that protective shade.

Easy Care

Water them regularly, keep the soil enriched, and remove dried or dead leaves occasionally.
They love mulch, because this will maintain moisture in the soil and keep the roots cool.


Sow indoors in winter, spring or autumn / or scatter outdoors winter or spring. One of the easiest Primula to grow.

Indoors: Sow seeds in punnets on surface of good quality seed raising mix. Press gently into surface. Do not cover. Seeds need light to germinate.

Keep moist in well-lit position at approx. 15-18°C.

Seedlings emerge approx. 21-40 days.

If shy to germinate – Cling wrap moist punnet.
Place in fridge (not freezer) for 4-6 weeks.
Then remove, unwrap & return to well-lit position at 15-18°C.
Keep moist.

SEED COUNT: 40 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).