Aconitum napellus



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Aconitum napellus

Exquisite indigo blue hooded flowers are held in delphinium like spires through spring summer. Deeply incised dark, glossy foliage. Spires of flowers to 1.2m.  Part shade to sunny positions. Enjoys well drained, humus rich soil. Some moisture over warmer months.  One of the earliest, easiest and most rewarding flowers you can grow in the garden. 1.2m x 60cm.


Seeds can be sown directly in the garden in winter or early spring / or sown in punnets indoors at any time for earlier plants.
Wear gloves when handling the seed, though there is little risk from the seed, but it is wise to treat all Aconitum with respect.

Sow in punnets on surface of good quality seed raising mix. Cover to 5cm depth with moist seed mix or vermiculite.
Moisten the mix by placing the punnet in a water bath, with the water level just below the surface, and allow the water to percolate up from the bottom. This will ensure the mix is thoroughly moist but not drenched.

Label the punnet with the name and date sown.

For best germination keep moist in a well lit position at a temperature of approx. 25C for 14 days.
Punnet can be kept moist by misting from a spray water bottle.

For best germination seeds now need a period of chilling (a pretend winter) – so wrap the sown, moist punnet in cling-wrap and place in fridge (not freezer) for 21 days.

Then take out, unwrap punnet, and keep moist in approx. 25C, in a well lit position.

Seeds need good light to sprout, but the punnet should not be in direct sunlight.
Seeds germinate in approx. 30 days.

Or sow seeds directly in garden in autumn/winter and leave to get the required chilling from winter nature before germinating in the spring.

SEED COUNT: Minimum 25 seeds per packet approximately.
(We aim to make our seed counts on the generous side – so you will receive at least 25 seeds)

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