Aconitum napellus MONK’S HOOD


Seed Count- 25 approx.

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Aconitum napellus Monkshood – Exquisite indigo blue hooded flowers are held in delphinium like spires through spring summer. Deeply incised dark, glossy foliage. Spires of flowers to 1.2m.  Part shade to sunny positions. Enjoys well drained, humus rich soil. Some moisture over warmer months.  One of the earliest, easiest and most rewarding flowers you can grow in the garden. 1.2m x 60cm.

Sowing Advise-
Sow Aconitum napellus Monkshood seeds indoors in spring or directly outdoors in autumn. Aconitum grows reliably from seeds when they are exposed to cold temperatures for several weeks to break their dormancy. Sowing indoors—place seed on moist, good quality seed raising mix and just cover with grit or vermiculite place in a plastic bag and place in the fridge for 3 weeks. Remove and place in a cool lightly shaded position at 13 to 16 degrees C . DO NOT PLACE ON HEAT. Keep moist but not wet. Germination is very irregular but some signs should be visible after one month but may take until the following spring. Do not over water once germination takes place. Transplant the monkshood seedlings into a partly shaded bed with moist, well drained soil after the last frosts in spring. Space the plants 30 to 45cm apart. Mulch heavily between the plants.

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