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Amaranthus tricolor

‘Early Splendor’


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Amaranthus tricolor ‘Early Splendor’

Spectacular in either the veggie garden or the flower garden, Amaranthus tricolor ‘Early Splendor’ is commonly known as Joseph’s Coat.
No prizes then for guessing that the spectacular foliage displays vivid colours, with brilliant crimson new upper leaves contrasting with chocolate and burgundy lower leaves.
A plant or two of Amaranthus tricolor ‘Early Splendor’ gives an instant tropical island look to either the flower garden or the veggie patch.
And cant be beaten for adding stately drama – you can certainly never overlook it.

Edible, highly nutritious & splendidly decorative

Leaves, flowers and seeds are all edible and highly nutritious.
Use fresh young leaves in salads, and cook larger leaves like spinach.
And when Joseph’s Coat really hits it’s colour straps it can glow with flushes of flame and gold as well.
The flowers are insignificant, though with foliage like that – who needs flowers!

Quick, easy, hardy

Plant in Full Sun to Partial Shade, though a little afternoon shade is probably best in very hot districts.
Joseph’s Coat is very obliging and easy to grow, as well as quick to raise from seed.
So it will give it’s best in a wide range of soils, from sandy to clay, and positively bursts it’s buttons in a fertile veggie plot.


And once established it is drought tolerant, and can make a great show with minimal extra watering.
Plus it tolerates humidity well, as a native of tropical Asian areas.

Amaranthus bicolor ‘Early Splendor’ is a self sowing annual plant.
So although it will be taken off by the frosts in cold areas, the next generation will reliable reappear the following spring.
Delicious and dramatic.

1m. High x 60cm Wide approx.


Seeds for Amaranthus tricolor ‘Early Splendor’ can be very successfully sown directly into the ground where needed in spring.
Alternatively, sow the seeds indoors at any time.

INDOORS: Sow the seeds on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then cover with sieved mix / sand/ grit to a depth of 1.5mm.

Now thoroughly moisten the sown punnet.
And place in a warm, well-lit position.

Temperatures of 15-20 degrees C are ideal for rapid and optimum germination.

Seeds germinate in 3-14 days.

Prick out into small 3 inch or 7 cm. pots and plant in final position when the plants are established.

SEED COUNT: 10 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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