Anemone barbulata


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Botanical Name: Anemone barbulata
Common Name: Chinese Windflower Barbulata
Family: Ranunculaceae
Category: Hardy Perennial
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Anemone barbulata, Chinese Windflower Barbulata: A new introduction from China, this delicate looking Anemone is quite similar to A. leveillei, in the fact that it has white blooms and a blue back to each slender petal. The difference being that leveillei has blue stamens and barbulata has beautiful pale cream with a green eye. These almost fragile looking blooms are carried repeatedly on thin branching stems during spring, but bearing smaller and many more flowers than A. leveillei. Attractive mid green palmate foliage forms a neat ground cover. Enjoys moist, humus rich soil in part shade.   50 cm H  x 40 cm W.

Sowing Advice

Sow Anemone barbulata seeds  immediately you receive them. This may be at any time of the year into good quality seed raising mix and just cover seed with vermiculite or mix. Keep the seed tray moist at all times. Place the moist seed tray in a cold polyhouse or a shady corner . These seeds depend on having several months or sometimes up to a year in damp compost to germinate and need to experience a period of cold.( Not dry in a fridge.) These fresh seeds can  be very slow to germinate so do not discard. Do not use any artificial heat to speed up germination as this may simply send the seeds into a deeper dormancy cycle. Be patient they are worth it.