Anthericum liliago


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Botanical Name: Anthericum liliago
Common Name:
St Bernard Lily
Hardy Perennial
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Anthericum liliago – Easily grown, this beautiful white, star like trumpet shaped bloom is 4cm long and has showy yellow anthers. St Bernard Lilies are borne in spike like clusters atop 60cm stems rising well above the clumps of narrow lance shaped, dark green foliage. Enjoys full sun in rich, medium well drained soil. Preferes not to totally dry out. Tolerates light  or dappled shade. This lovely lily will colonize steadily over the years. 60cm x 45cm.

Sowing Advice

Artificial heat is not needed. Sow Anthericum seed at any time covering with seed raising mix or river sand to 5mm deep. Keep the seed pot in a cool well-lit spot outdoors. Be patient as this species will only germinate in spring after the winter chill.  Freezing in a moist seed tray for 6 weeks may accelerate the germination process. Grow on individual seedlings in small pots outdoors until they are of sufficient size to be planted out. Keep moist at all times.