Aquilegia vulgaris

'Burnished Rose'

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Aquilegia vulgaris ‘Burnished Rose’

Grown for lovely foliage as much as the cute flowers.
Aquilegia vulgaris ‘Burnished Bronze’ has glowing chartreuse foliage, with pom pom flowers of rich rose pink are striking against the colour of the leaves.

Large sprays of nodding “Granny Bonnet” delight in spring and early summer.
They make wonderful cut flowers for a vase.

‘Burnished Bronze’ is ideal for lighting up the shaded areas under trees and shrubs.
An easy, hardy and obliging old fashioned favourite.

So Aquilegia vulgaris ‘Burnished Bronze’ can be planted in Shade, Part Shade or Full Sun, and do equally well in all areas.
It is frost hardy, and can tolerate periods of dry quite well if necessary.
‘Burnished Bronze’ is not fussy about soil type, and will happily self seed to create attractive, informal drifts of spring bloom.

Hardy, easy, low maintenance perennial, which forms an evergreen clump of dainty foliage.
45cm H x 45cm W.


Seed can be sown directly into the garden in autumn, winter or early spring / or sown in punnets indoors at any time for advanced plants.

Indoors: Sow seed in punnets on good quality seed raising mix.
Cover with river sand or compost to seed’s own depth.
Soak punnet in a water bath to ensure mix is thoroughly moist from below.

Keep moist with a spray water bottle, in a well lit area ((light helps germination, but keep out of direct sunlight)

Temperature of 15-20C is optimum for rapid germination.
Seeds normally sprout in approx. 2 to 4 weeks.

If seeds do not germinate, they require a period of chilling (a pretend winter) to break dormancy.
Cling-wrap moist punnet and place in fridge (not freezer) for 4 weeks.
Remove from fridge, unwrap, and return to well lit place at 15-20C approx.

Transplant seedlings into small pots until large enough to plant out in the garden.

If sown directly into ground seed may not germinate until its dormancy is broken by a period of chilling (Winter).

Family-  Ranunculaceae
Growth-  Herbaceous Perennial
Size- H: 45cm W: 45cm approx.
Position- Partial Shade, Woodland
Seed Count- 25 seeds per pack approx.