Aralia elegantissima


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Botanical Name: Aralia elegantissima
Common Name: False Aralia, Spider Aralia
Family: Araliaceae
Hardy Perennial
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Aralia elegantissima – “False Aralia” or “Spider Aralia” Origin of this unusual perennial is New Caledonia. The fascinating coppery-red to dark green foliage is  long and narrow with a “saw-tooth edge”. The tall shrubs or small trees have little branching  and are often planted in multiples for an interesting effect. Umbels of green and white flowers are born along the stems during  autumn. Mainly grown for its striking foliage it is used both in a shady parts of the garden or indoors  as a house plant. This dry hardy plant is great for those harder to plant area such as under house eaves. Its slender, upright growth habit and tolerance of low light areas makes it choice for this use. Enjoys  part shade in well drained soil. Not fussy on Ph or soil type. 200cm H x 75cm W.



Sowing Advice

Aralia elegantissima is best sown in autumn in an unheated poly house when natural winter cold will offer ideal conditions for germination to occur the following spring as the weather warms up. Sow seed onto good quality seed raising mix and cover seed to their own depth with mix and keep moist. Best with 3-5 months of cool weather followed by 1-4 months of 20°C.  ( heat bed can be used). Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle to individual pots and grow on. Plant out in spring.