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Asphodelus albus


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Asphodelus albus

Asphodelus albus was made in heaven for gardeners with limited summer water.

Elegant spires of white stars & stylish strappy foliage

Who also want graceful, elegant white spires, stylish foliage, as well as robust toughness.

Made in heaven for gardeners with limited summer water

Asphodelus albus makes a striking show of tall, stout spires, packed with white stars in spring and early summer.
Then it dies away for the summer and ignores all that heat and dry, ready to shoot away again with the autumn rains.

Drought & heat resistant

Elegant White Asphodel survives summer drought so well because of bulbous fleshy roots, and a convenient dormant season.
As a native of hot, dry Mediterranean areas such as Sicily, that experience long, hot parched summers, and cold, windy, harsh winters.

Frost hardy

So it is also extremely frost hardy and able to withstand frost to well below -15C. (once established of course).

Adapted to poor, rocky & sandy soils
Asphodelus albus can be seen thriving in the wild on the rocky hillsides of Sicily




Seeds for Asphodelus albus can be sown at any time indoors when temperatures are suitable, but are probably best sown in autumn.

Sow indoors for early plants: First sow the seeds in a deep punnet, on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
A deep punnet or small pot is recommended as the sprouting seedlings quickly develop a strong, deep root.

Then gently pat the surface to ensure the seeds have good contact with the mix.
Now cover the seeds with approx. 5mm of sieved mix / fine grit.

Thoroughly moisten the mix by standing the sown punnet in a shallow water bath and allowing the water to percolate through from below, until the surface is moist.

Seeds appreciate warmth

Now place the punnet / pot in a warm, well lit position (not in any direct sunlight).

Temperatures around 18-22C are ideal for this initial preparation period of 2-4 weeks.
You can use a heat mat to maintain temperature if you have one, or a sheltered window sill or warm corner is also fine.

Continue to keep the punnet consistently moist by misting from a spray water bottle as required.
Covering the punnet with a clear plastic cover will also help maintain consistent moisture and prevent drying out.

Then after 2-4 weeks of warm, moist conditions, wrap the moist punnet / pot in cling wrap or a plastic bag, and place it in the fridge (not freezer) for 6-8 weeks.

Give the seeds a “pretend winter”

After 6-8 weeks of chilling in the fridge, then remove the punnet / pot, unwrap and place outdoors on a veranda or in a sheltered, cool place, out of direct sunlight.
The cold of winter is appreciated, because temperatures of 12-15C are ideal for germination after the period in the fridge. And cooling down at night is also an advantage.
It is a good idea to wrap the pot / punnet in net or fine chicken wire while outdoors to prevent the seeds being dug up by birds or nibbled by mice.

Seedlings may begin emerging as soon as 21 days, but normally germinate between 30-90 days during winter.
Patience – Do not discard the punnet, as it is normal for these seeds to germinate spasmodically over several months.
And this is the plant’s natural protective trick to give it’s seeds a sporting chance of germinating into favourable conditions.

Seed count:  6 seeds per pack approx. of this rarely offered plant.
(We always aim to exceed the seed count and give a generous serve).

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