Astrantia maxima



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Family- Apiaceae
Size- H: 60cm W: 45cm approx.
Partial Sun, Woodland
Seed Count-
15 approx

Large, exquisite, pure dusky rose pink , upward facing flowers are held above compact clumps of bold Hellebore like foliage. This is the most desirable of the Astrantia’s but can be the slowest to get going but it is absolutely worth the wait. Rewardingly long flowering from late spring till autumn. Enjoys moist, humus rich soil that is well drained and mulched. They will tolerate full sun but better in part shaded position.

Sowing Advise-
Sow seed from autumn to spring when it will benefit from the cold to help break the dormancy. We suggest you sow seed in moist, good quality seed raising mix and lightly cover with the lightest of dressing of  the mix. Seal the container in a polythene bag and place in the fridge  for 3-5 weeks at 4 degrees C. Then remove from the fridge and the polythene bag and place in an un heated poly house  to wait for germination.  Seeds often wait till spring to emerge. Move seeds to a warm place at first sign of primary leaves emerging.  Prick out seedlings into 75mm pots and grow on until large enough to plant out.