Babiana stricta


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Botanical Name: Babiana stricta
Common Name: Baboon Flower
Family: Iridaceae
Category: Hardy Bulb
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Babiana stricta, Baboon Flower: Belonging in the iridacea family, these small, low growing, bulbous plants, produce 7-10 beautiful freesia like, funnel shape flowers in mid to late spring, each to 5 cm (2 in) across. Our mix of seed produces blooms of blue, purple, magenta and pink each have a pleasant lemon scent. In the ground or in a small vase or flower arrangement, these little treasures will reward. These hardy South African bulbs love a warm sunny spot in the garden, enjoying full sun & a well drained  soil. Protect against severe frost, although out plants have survived  both frost and snow. 30cm x 15cm.

Sowing Advice

Sow Babiana seeds in autumn. Sow seeds thinly to prevent over crowding and the development of damping –off fungi. Sow onto the surface of good quality free draining seed raising mix and just cover with mix. Keep moist but not saturated. Place in an unheated Polyhouse to allow natural germination.Seedlings should remain undisturbed for two years to allow bulb development. Plant out at the beginning of third season.