Brugmansia versicolor Ecuador Pink


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Botanical Name: Brugmansia versicolor Ecuador Pink
Common Name:  Angel’s Trumpet Ecuador Pink
Family: Solanaceae
Category: Hardy Perennial
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Brugmansia versicolor Ecuador Pink, Angel’s Trumpet Ecuador Pink: Native to Central and South America from the Honduras to Peru, B. versicolor Ecuador Pink  has some of the deepest colours. This selection is a rare form of pastel pink. The long trumpet blooms are produced right through all the warmer months from spring to autumn. These exotic flowers turn their fluted edges up after dark, whilst exuding a  potent fragrance of mysterious quality. This unusual shrub like perennial enjoys full sun to light shade, not fussy on soil type. Low water need. Needs protection from frost. 2.5 H x 1.5 W.

 Sowing Advice

Soak Brugmansia seed in room temperature water for 24 hours. Sow on to good quality seed raising mix by lightly pressing the seed into the surface of mix and cover thinly with vermiculite or mix.  Cover the seed raising tray with plastic lid or polythene bag to keep humidity level up. Place on heat bed at 18-20 degrees C. in a well lit area as needs light to germinate. Keep moist but do not saturate. The seed should germinate within 14—30 day. Once first set of leaves appear remove plastic lid and water sparingly allowing soil to almost dry out. Feed with good quality liquid fertilizer at half strength. Transplant into larger pots once 2 sets of leaves appear. Protect from frost.  Flowers should appear in the first season of growth.