Calamintha nepeta ssp. glandulosa 'White Cloud'

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Calamintha nepeta ssp. glandulosa ‘White Cloud’ fills the garden with clouds of delicate, white flowers. Flowering all summer, ‘White Cloud’ is a reliable bloomer with lovely fragrant foliage reminiscent of oregano & will attract bees. Plant along beds where you can enjoy its beauty and fragrance. Over time, it will also spread gently to form a groundcover.

Sowing Advice-
Sow Calamintha nepeta ssp. glandulosa ‘White Cloud’ in spring and early summer or late summer and autumn in trays or pots into moist seed raising mix.
Sow seeds on the surface of seed raising mix and cover very finely with mix. Keep moist but not saturated, at 20 deg. C. Germination will take about 7 – 21 days. Transfer to 8cm pots when large enough to handle and plant out when danger of frost is over.

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