Camassia leichtlinii


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Botanical Name: Camassia leichtlinii
Common Name:
Giant Camas
Hardy Bulb
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Camassia leichtlinii – A spring flowering bulbous perennial  resembling a giant Bluebell. The star shaped violet flowers are up to 7.5cm across with up to 80 flowers per stem. These open sequentially from bottom to top on a naked , stout  stem that rises above the foliage clump. Strap shaped leaves are up to 60cm long.  These hardy bulbous perennials enjoy full sun to part shade, requires regular watering during the spring flowering period but may be dryer during summer as bulbs head into dormancy. Excellent fresh cut flower . 1.2cm x 75cm.

Sowing Advice

Sow Camassia seeds in good quality compost or seed raising mix at any time . Cover with fine river sand or compost to 5mm depth. Keep in a  well lit cool place, outdoors. Artificial heat is not needed. Seeds may wait for spring before emerging regardless of when ever they are sown as with many species they will only germinate after chilling or freezing in a moist seed tray in winter. Pot on individual seedling until of sufficient size to be planted in open ground.