Cardiocrinum giganteum



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Cardiocrinum giganteum THE GIANT HIMALAYAN LILY –

The largest species of any of the lily plants, growing up to 3.5m high. This stately giant produces 5cm thick stems , with leaves the size of dinner plates above. 20cm long greenish white, waxy, very fragrant trumpets appear in summer. Huge, toothed seeds pods follow. Cardiocrinum giganteum bulbs are fully hardy and thrive in light shade, humidity and rich leafy soils.

Sowing Advise-
Sow cardiocrinun giganteum seeds in good quality compost or seed raising mix at any time. Cover with fine river sand or compost to 5mm deep. Keep seed in a cool well lit spot outdoors. Protect from Mice. Heat is not needed and prevents germination . Be patient , germination can be slow, the seeds often need two periods of cold moist conditions with warm growing season between. The seeds should germinate in spring but may germinate in their second year. Do not discard.


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