Cheiranthus cheiri 'Ruby Gem' WALLFLOWER

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The rich coloured Cheiranthus cheiri Wallflower Ruby Gem is a wonderful shade of rich ruby-violet and is much admired for its sweet clove scented fragrance. They make superb cut flowers when their stem ends are seared in boiling water for 20 seconds. Originally native to seaside cliffs of Britatin, they got their English name of ‘Wallflower’, because of their love of the sharp drainage of a little pocket of gritty soil in a stone wall. Very easy to raise from seed this sun loving hardy biennial will be in flower in just 75-80 days from sowing. 45cm H x 45cm W

Sowing Advice-
Sow Cheiranthus cheiri Wallflower Ruby Gem seed in late summer to early winter (Dec to Feb) for spring flowering or late winter to early spring (July to Sep) for Autumn flowering.

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