Erysimum cheiri

‘Ruby Gem’


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Erysimum cheiri ‘Ruby Gem’

Erysimum cheiri ‘Ruby Gem’ is richly coloured, with wonderful shades of velvety ruby-violet.

Rich colour & sumptuous fragrance

And it is a “must have” for it’s equally sumptuous sweet clove scented fragrance, as well as the rich colour.

Perfumed cut flowers

Wallflowers make superb cut flowers.
And especially when you prolong their vase life by searing the ends of freshly cut stems. Simply plunge the cut ends into boiling hot water for 20 seconds before placing them in a vase of cold water.

Hardy to wind, cold, frost and leaner soils

Erysimum cheiri in all their myriad jewel colours, are originally native to seaside cliffs of Britain.
So no prizes for guessing they are hardy to wind, cold, frost and leaner soils, as well as being very water-wise.
In fact they gained their common name of ‘Wallflower’, because of their love self seeding into little pockets of gritty soil in stone walls. So the stone walled lanes of Britain are fragrant with Wallflowers during spring and early summer. They stone-walled lanes turn into superb natural gardens.

Quick & Easy from seed to flower

Erysimum cheiri ‘Ruby Gem’ is very easy to raise from seed. And will be in flower in just 75-80 days from sowing the seed.

Hardy & Easy to grow

And happily it is also hardy and easy to grow in the garden. Plant in Full Sun to Partly Shaded areas. Wallflowers are very forgiving of less than ideal conditions. They positively love well drained soil, and prefer to grow, and flower much better, if they are kept on a lean and mean diet.

Self-seeding for years of fragrance & colour

Wallflowers are self-seeding biennials. So once you have your starter plants in the garden, all you need to do is let a few heads go to seed each year and they will perpetuate the next generation around themselves each year. They are in no way invasive. And if you have more babies than you need – you can easily dig them up and share the wonderful colour and fragrance with friends (if you can bear to part with them).

45cm H x 45cm W


Scatter seeds in the garden in either late summer to early winter for spring flowering / or scatter in the garden in late winter to early spring for autumn blooms / or sow indoors for flowering size plants quickly.

SOWING INDOORS: Sow seeds in punnets or pots on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
And cover the seeds with a 5mm layer of finely sieved mix or fine vermiculite or grit.

Now place the punnet in a warm and well-lit position (not in direct sunlight) such as a window sill. Or you can use a temperature controlled heat mat if you have one.

Temperatures of around 20°C are ideal for rapid and thorough germination.

Seeds germinate in 7-10 days approx.

SEED COUNT: 200 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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