Clematis alpina

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Clematis alpina

This is an alpine clematis, native to Europe which grows to 3m, and in early spring time is covered with blue flowers, each up to 7.5cm across. It is completely deciduous over winter.


Sow 13mm deep into moist well-drained seed mix at 18-22°C. Germination can take 30-270 days. If germination has not occurred after 4-6 weeks of warmth move to 4°C. for 4-6 weeks then return to warmth. Repeat process until germination occurs. Do not discard the seed tray too soon. Transplant seedlings when large enough to 8cm pots.

Family- Ranunculaceae
Growth- Climbing Perennial
Size- 200cm – 300cm approx
Position- Full Sun, Partial Shade
Seed Count- 10 approx.