Clematis heracleifolia


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Family- Ranunculaceae
Growth- Herbaceous Perennial
Size- 70cm – 90cm approx
Position- Full Sun, Partial Shade
Seed Count- 15 approx.

It bears clusters of rich blue half inch flowers opening into hyacinth shape, with sepals ranging in different specimens from pale to deep blue, and a small bright-yellow center, Each flower is only 12mm long, but the clusters make a good show of color in a perennial border.

SOWING Advice-
Sow seeds in good quality seed raising mix at any time . Lightly cover with fine river sand or compost to their own depth. Place in a propagator or cover with a plastic lid in a cool place outdoors or unheated poly house. After experiencing cold for 8-12 weeks place in a warm place to germinate at 15-20 C. Keep moist at all times, but do not saturate. Germination may take 2-3 months. These seeds sometimes wait till spring before emerging.

Plant Direct-
Best grown among tall perennials making a superb gap filler for cottage garden planting schemes. Excellent for the patio, cottage gardens, scented gardens and cut flower gardens.


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