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Clematis macropetala

Hybrids Mix


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Clematis macropetala Hybrids Mix

Graceful pagoda shaped flowers in a mix of blues, violets, pinks and whites. These are seeds collected from some of the latest new hybrids of Clematis macropetala.

This lovely, dainty and low Clematis, blooms in spring, then repeats again in summer. Followed by decorative fluffy seedheads which extend the beauty even further.

Clematis macropetala is a hardy deciduous climber, scrambling up to 2.5-3.5metres.
It will attach itself to its host with little tendrils, but does not smother a supporting companion shrub, as it is light and fine.
So it is ideal for climbing through roses, shrubs, on frame or cascading over the edges of a pot.

Sun or ½ Shade. Frost hardy. Low maintenance, easy growing. No winter pruning needed.

In fact Clematis macropetala belong to the easy “No Prune” group. You do not have to prune them at all unless you wish to reshape or tidy after some years of growth. Then you just remove any weak canes right off at ground level and then prune the rest back lightly in spring.

If an old plant is really overgrown, then you can ‘hard prune’, cutting back to the older woody base stems of the plant. And you should enjoy the flowers first in spring and summer – and then attack after flowering.


Sow indoors at any time. Sow in punnets on surface of good quality seed raising mix. Cover with seed mix, sand or vermiculite to depth same as diameter of seed.

For best germination keep moist in approx. 15-22C.

But if there is no germination after 30 days, then the seeds need an artificial winter to break dormancy.
Wrap punnet in cling-wrap and place in fridge (not freezer) for 4-6 weeks.
Then bring out to light, unwrap, and keep at approx. 15-22C. for seeds to sprout.

Do not discard punnet too quickly, as some seeds will be faster to germinate than others.

SEED COUNT: 25 seeds per pack approx.

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