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Clematis mandshurica


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Clematis mandshurica
SALE: Buy 1 get 2 packs

Clematis mandshurica is a small climbing Clematis that should find a place in even the tiniest garden.

Profusion of flowers & scent

And it is a little beauty.
Because when it blooms you can barely fit a pin between the snow white flowers.
And a delicious sweet scent with a hint of aniseed, wafts across the summer air.
The bees and our little pollinating friends become as addicted to the scent as we are.

Flowers at a lean time of the year

A profusion of flowers cover the little climber from late summer into autumn – which is a very handy flowering time. Because it is when most other Clematis and other flowers are off duty.

On a small, tidy little climber

Clematis mandshurica can be left to itself to make a small, mounding, self-supporting shrub in the flower garden. Or given a small support when it will climb to about 2m.
And it is very suitable for planting in a large pot too.
As it never gets out of hand.

Packs a punch of perfume

Clematis mandshurica punches way above it’s size for perfume power.

Plant amongst the roses or flowers

So it looks and smells charming planted as a self-mounding bush amongst roses, or on a tripod as a background to any flowers, or in a pot.
Where the pristine white stars enhance any colour scheme.

Then the blooms are followed by the usual decorative fluffy seed heads that help make the Clematis family such a treat, even after blooming finishes.

Tolerant of dry

Clematis mandshurica is amongst the most dry and heat tolerant of all Clematis, because of it’s chosen native conditions.
It hails from dry slopes and woodland margins in China and Russia, where life can be challenging.
So plant it in full sun or morning sun, to semi shade in the dappled light under taller shrubs or trees.
And it looks wonderful as a companion beneath standard plants.

Water-wise & frost hardy

It is not a particularly thirsty plant, so normal average garden watering is all that is required, particularly if it is well mulched.
Like most Clematis it likes to have a mulched, protected root run, while the flowers bask in the sun and waft their wonderful perfume about in the warm air.
Clematis mandshurica is soundly frost hardy, and can tolerate hard frost down to at least -20°C, depending on conditions.

Long lived perennial clump or climber.
2m. High as a climber with support (or lower if allowed to self-support) x 80cm. Wide.


Sow indoors for early plants: Sow Clematis seeds in a punnet of good quality seed raising mix at any time.
Then lightly cover the seeds with sieved mix or fine river sand to a depth the same as the seed’s diameter.

Then place the sown punnet into a water bath (make sure the water level in the bath is below the surface of the mix).
So the moisture percolates up to the surface of the mix from below.
Then remove and drain.
Because the mix needs to be moist throughout, but not wet.

Now place the moist punnet in a warm, well-lit position (not in direct sun).
Temperatures of 15-22°C approx. are best for rapid and optimum germination.
You can use a temperature-controlled heat mat if you have one to encourage rapid germination, but it is not essential. A window-sill or well-lit corner is also fine.

Adding a clear plastic cover helps to retain moisture in the punnet.
And continue to keep the punnet moist by spraying the surface of the mix with a fine spray water bottle, or re-soaking in the water bath, as required.
(If the punnet is light weight when you pick it up – the mix is drying out and needs another soak from below in the water bath).

Seedlings begin to emerge in approx. 40 days.

Seeds may need a pretend winter

However if the seeds are shy to germinate and have not appeared in 40 days, then the seeds need a period of chilling to break their natural dormancy. This is normal for plants from areas with cold winters.

So wrap the moist, sown punnet in cling-wrap, place in the fridge (not freezer) for 6 weeks (this mimics winter).
Then remove, unwrap, and return to a cool, well-lit place for germination.
Temperatures of approx. 10-15°C are recommended for this period.
So the plant thinks it has had winter, and is now seeing spring.

Seed Count: 15 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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