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Clematis montana var. grandiflora


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Clematis montana var. grandiflora
SALE: Buy 1 get 2 packs

Clematis montana var. grandiflora absolutely covers itself with a mass of snow white flowers through spring.
Blooming is so profuse you literally can barely fit a pin between the blooms.

Sweetly scented mass of blooms

And each bloom is sweetly vanilla scented, so the overall effect of the scent is one of the joys of spring.
So it is not hard to imagine how it gained the common name “White Virgin’s Bower” or “Sweet Virgin’s Bower”.
The bees and other useful pollinating insects agree and flock to it for nectar and sustenance.
So Clematis montana var. grandiflora is great bee food.

Hardy climber that looks after itself

Clematis montana var. grandiflora is a hardy and vigorous deciduous climber, happily scrambling up to 6m.
So it is ideal climbing trees, a pergola, shed or fence. As it twines and clings to it’s own stems as well as the support.
However it does no damage to it’s tree host, though do choose a sizeable tree.

Plant in Sun or ½ Shade. And it is happy to be planted at the foot of an old tree to scramble up towards the sun.
Though do give it some extra feed and TLC to help it compete against the tree roots until it is established. Once it has found it’s feet Clematis montana var. grandiflora will happily co-habit with it’s host.

Low maintenance

Robustly frost hardy.
Low maintenance, and tough easy growing deciduous climber.
So it is perfect for a pergola or trellised seating area. As it lets the sun and light in during the winter, but shades very effectively during the summer.

Attack if you wish or leave it alone

If you wish to trim it then you can attack fiercely with an electric hedge trimmer after flowering.
Or Clematis montana can happily be left unpruned to scramble as it will.


Sow Clematis montana var. grandiflora seeds indoors at any time.

First sow the seed in a punnet on surface of good quality seed raising mix. C
Then cover the seed with sieved mix, sand or vermiculite.
And cover to a depth the same as the diameter of the seed.

Moisten the punnet and place in a warm, well-lit position.

Temperatures of 15-22C. are ideal for rapid and optimum germination.
Clematis montana are amongst the most reliable and easy of all Clematis to germinate.
They enjoy to be consistently moist in warmth (but absolutely not in direct sunlight).

Seeds begin to germinate in approximately 30 days, but it is normal that not all the seeds will come at once. This is a natural trick of this plant to give it’s babies the best chance of a favourable start.

However if there is no germination after 30 days, then wrap punnet in cling-wrap and place in fridge (not freezer) for 2-4 weeks.

Then bring out to the well-lit position again, unwrap, ensure it is properly moist.
And keep at approx. 15-22C. for seeds to sprout.

Do not discard punnet as some seeds will be faster than others.

Seed Count: 10 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count and give a generous serve).

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