Clematis potaninii


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Clematis potaninii

Mass of frilled milk-white flowers through spring & summer. Wonderful fluffy seed-heads. Hardy and vigorous deciduous climber to 6m. Ideal climbing trees over a shed or fence. Sun or ½ Shade. Frost hardy. Low maintenance, easy growing. Can be hedge trimmed in winter, or happily left unpruned.

SEED SOWING ADVICE: C. potaninii is one of the easiest Clematis to grow from seed

Sow indoors at any time. Sow in punnets on surface of good quality seed raising mix. Cover with seed mix or vermiculite to depth same as diameter of seed.

For best germination keep moist in approx. 18-22C. If no germination after 30 days, wrap punnet in cling-wrap and place in fridge (not freezer) for 2-4 weeks. Then bring out to light, unwrap, and keep at approx. 18-22C. for seeds to sprout.

Do not discard punnet as some seeds will be faster than others.

20 seeds per pack

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