Clematis potaninii


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Common Name: Fargesii Clematis

Seed Count: 25
Family:  Hardy Climber

Dainty pure white 7cm flowers have pretty crimped margins and a prominent crown of golden stamens in the center. The massed spring display is followed by attractive  fluffy round seed heads This vigorous climber is best given free rein and allowed to scramble naturally and is ideal for large structures. This lovely deciduous climber has grape leaf like foliage of rich mid green. Any part shade to shade spot or full sun . 6m x 3m.

Sowing Advise

Sow seeds in good quality compost or seed raising mix at any time . Lightly cover with fine river sand or compost to their own depth. Place in a propagator or cover with a plastic lid in a warm place. We recommend germinating at 15-20 degrees C keep moist at all times, but do not saturate. Germination may take 2-3 months. These seeds sometimes wait till spring before emerging. Pot on seedlings to harden off and mature before finally planting out in the garden with climbing support.