Clematis vitiicella

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Family- Ranunculaceae
Herbaceous Perennial
Size- 250cm – 350cm approx.
Partial Sun, Woodland
Seed Count-
5 approx

A native of southern European mountain regions. Fragrant, vital plant growth, robust and hardy. Very good climber with rich bloom in summer. Historical Introduced as a medicinal plant in England by Hugh Morgan mid-16th century.

Sowing Advice-
Sometimes it takes one year or longer before germination starts. To best avoid drying out, this seed must be placed in layers of wet sand – alternately a thin layer of seeds and a layer of well-moistened sand, etc. They have to be kept in the shade to benefit from weather effects – especially winter. A fine wire mesh will protect them from mice and birds. When germination has started, the seeds must be sown immediately in the prepared bed with the moist sand.


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