Cleome pungens



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Cleome pungens

Spidery, fragrant flowers in a beautiful mix of cherry, rose, lilac and white colours on 1m. stems. Great cut flower, with lovely scent. Classic tall, old fashioned favourite amongst roses, shrubs or as background. H: 100cm W: 30cm Full Sun, Partial Shade


Sow Cleome pungens seeds onto the surface of moist well-drained seed raising mixture. Just lightly cover seed with fine sprinkling of mix – Light is needed for seed germination. 21°C optimum temperature if using a heat mat. Germination takes 21+ days. Once germinated place in a well aired and lit area.  If slow to germinate – place sown seed in fridge for 4 weeks, then return to 21°C. Or sow directly into the garden in spring.

Plant in the Garden-
Easy to grow annual. Prefers a well-drained soil in Full Sun. Love heat. Water -wise plant.  Water when required but allow soil to dry out in between watering’s. Not fussy about soil type – Sandy, Loam, Clay based, Alkaline, Neutral. Will self-sow easily in the garden for next year.

SEED COUNT: 100 seeds per pack approx.

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