Corydalis cava

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Family- Papaveraceae
Growth- Perennial
Size- H: 20cm W: 10cm
Position- Partial Shade, Woodland
Seed Count- 10 approx.

Corydalis cava is a hardy perennial growing to 20cm by 10cm and flowers from early to late spring. Suitable for light to medium alkaline to lightly acid soils and prefers a well drained situation in semi-shade.

Sowing Advice-
Give seeds a warm compost (about +22°C) with constant humidity for at least 6 weeks. Then keep cold (–4 to +4°C) for 6–8 weeks. Usually, the germination starts at +4°C. Raise temperatures gradually up to +10°C until germination is completed. If the warm or cold period was not long enough the seeds will not germinate until the following year. They will then need another warm and cold period.


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(SALE 2 for 1)

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