Corydalis sempervivens 'Rock Harlequin'

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Corydalis sempervivens ‘Rock Harlequin’ –
An attractive biennial for rocky, shallow-soil sites and cooler climates. Easy to start from seed, it has light to dark pink tubulat flowers with yellow tips and grrensh-blue leaves. Bring a biennial, it will have basal rosettes at ground-level the first year and flowering plants the 2nd year.

Sowing Advice-
Corydalis sempervivens ‘Rock Harlequin’ seed can be sown at any time. Sow seed into good quality compost or seed raising mix. Cover with river sand or compost to seeds own depth. If sown directly into ground seed may not germinate until it dormancy is broken by a period of chilling winter. Or moist seed tray can be placed at 15-20 degrees C. for 3 weeks then placed in the fridge in a plastic bag for 8 weeks then kept at a gentle heat of 15-20 degrees C. Seed may still take some months to germinate so do not discard.

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