Cosmidium burridgeanum 'Brunette'

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Cosmidium Burridgeanum ‘Brunette’ 

Very easy to grow & is an attractive garden annual, featuring fine, feathery foliage and blooms with distinctive flowers that have reddish-brown centres with yellow outlines.  It blooms nonstop from mid-summer till late autumn, and is very attractive to bees. and butterflies.


Sow Cosmidium Burridgeanum ‘Brunette’ flower seed directly outdoors after frost season has passed. Prepare a seedbed, soil should be fine and weed free. Sow seeds in rows 45cms apart, 1 seed per 5cms. Keep soil moist. Thin seedlings to strongest plant, 45cms apart. Carefully replant the thinned seedlings in a sunny setting. Deadhead spent blooms to prolong flowering and encourage continuous blooming. Leave a few plants to die down and self-seed. Do not over fertilize as it will cause a decreased number of blooms.

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