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Cyclamen coum


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Cyclamen coum

Cyclamen coum is enchanting.
Simply taking your breath away with a mass of shell-like blooms in late winter-early spring.

Enchanting flowers 

Flowers range in colour from white, through palest pink, to rich rose pink and all stations in between.
But every bloom is adorned by a deep rose base – enchanting.

Silver etched foliage

Cyclamen coum also puts on a dazzling display with an array of silver laced foliage.
Because each plant flaunts a different silver laced pattern.
So it brightens up some the gloomiest parts of the garden for months.
With the silver etched foliage weaving magic from autumn, right through winter, until after spectacular flowering is finished in mid spring.

Perfect for gardeners with limited summer water

Then the whole outfit disappears away to the corm, to wait out the heat and dry of summer, until coming back on duty with those lovely silver etched leaves next autumn.

So it makes a perfect groundcover plant for gardeners with limited supplies of water in summer.
Because it is native to Turkey, the Caucasus and northern Iran, it is so very hardy and well adapted to hot summer climates.

Decorates under trees & shrubs for months

Plant in Shade under trees and shrubs.
Where it is highly valued as a ground cover.
Because of  its ability to tolerate long dry periods.
And because it happily self seeds new corms each year, to colonize the dry shade.

8cm. High in delightful bloom x 8cm Wide of silver spangled foliage.


Cyclamen coum seeds are best sown late autumn or winter.

First soak seeds in warm water with a little detergent for 24 hours, then rinse thoroughly in fresh water before sowing.

Now sow the seeds in a punnets on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then lightly cover the seeds with sieved mix or fine gravel to a depth equal to the diameter of the seeds.

Now thoroughly moisten the sown punnet by standing it in a shallow water bath so the moisture percolates up to the surface from below.
Then cover the punnet with a dark lid, such as a piece of cardboard or black plastic.
Cyclamen seeds germinate better in the dark.

Continue to keep moist & dark at approx. 16C. for rapid germination.

Most seed should germinate in 28-42 days, but some may be longer so do not discard punnet.
It is a natural process for the seed to germinate at different times, as a cunning trick by the plant to give the seed a sporting chance to germinate into a good period of weather.

SEED COUNT: 6 seeds per pack (Seed of this beautiful variety is very limited this year).

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