Cyclamen graecum


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Botanical Name: Cyclamen graecum
Common Name:
Greek Cyclamen
Hardy Bulb
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Cyclamen graecum – This dwarf growing, autumn flowering cyclamen has beautifully marked and marbled leaves that form pretty rosettes. Each flower has swept back pale, rose pink petals and a burgundy red blotch at the base. This hardy bulb grows in full sun or light shade and will self seed freely. Naturally growing in rocky out crops in Greece and Turkey. Will tolerate frost & hot summers. 8cm x 8cm.

Sowing Advice

Cyclamen seeds have been found to germinate best in total darkness at around 13 to 16°CStored seed can be sown from late winter to mid-spring to flower in autumn of the same year. The seed must be soaked in water for 10 hours or more and then rinsed thoroughly before sowing. Sow the seed into good quality seed raising mix and lightly cover with river sand or compost .We cover seed tray with dark lid. Most of the seed should germinate in 28 to 42 days but some may be considerably longer. Do not throw seed tray for at least one year.