Cynoglossum amabile Mystic Pink


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Botanical Name: Cynoglossum amabile Mystic Pink
Common Name:  Chinese For-Get-Me-Not Mystic Pink
Family: Boraginaceae
Category: Hardy Annual
Seed Count:

Cynoglossum amabile Mystic Pink, Chinese For-Get-Me-Not Mystic Pink: Easy to grow from seed and rapidly comes to flower in the first season. A profusion of small, attractive soft pink flowers appear in spring and keep flowering right into summer. The stiff upright stems are branched at the ends holding hundreds of the  pretty blooms. Grey-green lance shaped leaves clad these upright stems.  Chinese For-Get-Me-Nots are reliable annuals and will freely self sow by dropping its seed on the bare ground  in readiness for the next years display. Perfect for the wildflower garden or lovely to mingle in the cottage garden. Bee’s & butterfly’s absolutely adore these flowers. Not fussy on soil type, enjoys full sun to light shade, relatively dry hardy. 30 cm  H x 25 cm W.

Sowing Advice

Sow seeds at any time on to surface of moist, good quality seed raising mix. Place in an unheated poly house or indoors on heat bed at 18-20 degrees C. Germination takes approximately 21-30 days . Slower in cooler weather. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle to 8 cm  pots and grow on. Acclimatize and plant out in late spring with 3 0cm spacing. Can be sown directly  September –Dec. Sow on surface of bare soil, thin to 30 cm spacing and enjoy.