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Delphinium elatum

‘Green Twist’


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Delphinium elatum ‘Green Twist’

If I could only ever have one Delphinium – I think it would have to be Delphinium elatum ‘Green Twist’.

Double white blooms with green flushes

Because ‘Green Twist’ produces stunning spires packed with double white flowers, each highlighted with an apple green centre to the formal arrangement of quilled petals.

World beating new variety

Delphinium elatum ‘Green Twist’ has been bred in NZ by world renowned breeders, Terry and Janice Dowdeswell.
And the Dowdeswell’s Delphiniums are now conquering the world, beating the European flower breeders at their own game. Go little NZ.

Robust grower

Because Dowdeswell Delphiniums are characterized by strong stems, packed with large flowers, with each bloom loaded with petals. And because they are tall, vigorous, robust growers. There are no shrinking violets tolerated in the Dowdeswell’s breeding programme.

Heat tolerant Delphinium

Plus Dowdeswell Delphiniums are bred to be more heat tolerant, so they cope well in Australian gardens.

So produce repeat blooms through summer by shearing the spent flower stalk back to the base, and giving a feed mid-summer to encourage even better autumn spires.

Superb cut flower & garden display

Delphinium elatum ‘Green Twist’ gives lovely cut flowers as well as a spectacular garden display. And these are spires to brag about.

Plant in a Full Sun to Part Shade garden position.
‘Green Twist’ is very frost hardy, as well as being more heat tolerant than normal Delphiniums
So it is an easy growing, low maintenance plant, and will repay spring and summer applications of fertilizer, compost and mulch with ever more stunning spires. Worth every effort.
Delphinium elatum ‘Green twist’ is bred to have strong, self supporting stems, though in windy sites it is pays to provide some support, such as a frame of sticks for the spires to grow through.
And protect the newly emerging growth from snails in early spring.

1m High flower spires x 45cm Wide foliage clump.


Sow autumn, winter or spring.

Delphinium seeds are easy and quick to germinate, even more so by using a special trick to convince them they have had a very fast winter.

So first place seeds on wet coffee filter paper (or paper towel can be used, but coffee filters are a finer texture). Fold the coffee filter over so the seeds are enclosed between 2 wet sheets.

Then place the folded, wet coffee filter in a sealed plastic bag (a clip-lock bag is perfect).
And place the sealed plastic bag in fridge for about 36 hours (in the fridge, not freezer).

Then each day check if the seeds have begun to sprout.
You will see a little white root beginning to emerge.
Seeds may sprout as early as 3 days and usually take up to 5 days.

Once you see the first seeds sprouting – remove from fridge and filter paper and sow seeds in their punnet. They are easy to pick up off the coffee filter with tweezers.

Or you can just sow as normal

Or you can skip the step above and just sow as normal and just wait a little longer.

Sow the pre-sprouted seeds in a punnet on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
And cover with 5mm of mix or sandy grit.

Then keep consistently moist in a warm, well lit position, or on a heat mat.
Covering the punnet with a clear plastic cover will also help to maintain consistent moisture and prevent drying out.

Temperatures of 15-20°C approx. are best for rapid and optimum germination.

Seedlings emerge in approx. 30 days.
But do not discard the punnet, as some seeds may come later.

Seed Count: 5 seeds per pack approx. (Seeds of this special Dowdeswell variety are scarce yet).

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