Delphinium grandiflorum f. compactum



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Delphinium grandiflorum f. compactum

Showy sprays of butterfly winged, soft powder blue flowers make Delphinium grandiflorum f. compactum ‘Light Blue Butterfly’ a special dwarf.
And the soft powder blue is such an unusual colour – like a piece of summer sky come to earth.

Enchanting powder blue

This dainty dwarf Delphinium blooms all through summer.
And provides lovely cut flowers, enchanting garden display, but all in a small space.
So ‘Light Blue Butterfly’ is ideal for small gardens and pots, or gardeners who just want to cram as much in as possible.
Because this colour is really irresistable.

Easy growing & ideal for pretty edges or pots

A position in Full Sun is perfect for Delphinium grandiflorum f. compactum ‘Light Blue Butterfly’. However in hotter districts it can also take a little afternoon shade.

‘Light Blue Butterfly’ is frost hardy and low maintenance once it is established.
As it forms a neat clump of pretty foliage from early spring, and then billows with flowers from late spring onwards.
And probably the only essential job is to protect your clumps from snails when they are emerging in early spring.
But if they are grown in pots, they are up out of snail reach anyway.

30cm H x 30cm W


Sow autumn, winter or spring.

First place seeds on one half of a piece of wet coffee filter paper (paper towel can also be used if you don’t have a coffee filter).  Fold the filter paper over in half so the seeds are enclosed inside between 2 layers.
Then place the moist paper seed bed inside a sealed plastic bag – a zip-lock bag is perfect.

Place the sealed bag in fridge (not the freezer) for 36 hours.
Now inspect daily until you see little white roots emerging (usually at about 5 days).

Once the seeds have sprouted, remove from the fridge and the coffee filter paper and sow in punnets.
Sow sprouted seeds on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Cover seeds with 5mm of mix or sandy grit.

Keep punnet moist in a well lit position.

Temperatures of 18-21°C approx. is optimum for rapid germination.
Temperatures above 25°C may inhibit germination.

Most seedlings will emerge in approx. 10-20 days.
But do not discard punnet as some may come later.

SEED COUNT: 50 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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