Dianthus pinifolius

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Dianthus pinifolius

A rare and unusual dryland species, native to Turkey and the Balkans with a very distinctive display of ruby-red, clustered flowers that are held high on 20 to 30cm wiry stems.


Indoors: Seeds can be sown at any time but are best sown in winter or early spring. Cover seeds very thinly with sand or fine grit to about the depth of the seed size. If the seeds do not come up within 6 to 12 weeks put the damp seed tray in a fridge for about four weeks. They may still take very many months to appear, so please never discard the pot or tray.

Scatter directly in garden: It requires full sun in neutral to alkaline soil that drains well. Dianthus do not tolerate wet soil well, particularly in winter so don’t plant them in a low spot where water collects and keep mulch away from the plants.

SEED COUNT: 50 seeds per pack approx.

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