Dicentra scandens


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Botanical Name: Dicentra scandens
Common Name: Climbing Bleeding Heart
Seed Count: 25
Family: Hardy Climber

Dicentra scandens, Climbing Bleeding Heart: Rapidly ascending stems bare pendulous clusters of lemon locket flowers all summer. These are followed by numerous sausage like seed pods that turn from green to purple in late autumn. Pretty, ferny mid green, soft foliage. Ideal to plant among shrubbery for support. Enjoys moist but well drained humus rich soil in light shade to shade. Completely herbaceous. Grows 3-3.5 m each year.

Sowing Advice

Dicentra seed can be sown at any time. Sow seed into good quality compost or seed raising mix. Cover with river sand or compost to seeds own depth.  If sown directly into ground seed may not germinate until it dormancy is broken by a period of chilling. (Winter) We recommend a moist seed tray be placed on heat for 3 weeks then in the in fridge at 4 degrees C in a plastic bag for 6 weeks then kept at on gentle heat of 15-20 degrees C. Germination may take 8 to 10 weeks. Pot on seedlings to mature before finally planting out in the garden with climbing support.