Dierama pulcherrimum Blackberry Bells


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Common Name: Blackberry Bells Fairy Fishing Rod
Seed Count: 30
Family: Climbing

A vigorous hybrid bred from D. Cosmos and D robustum this deep purple maroon beauty has inherited its darkness from the latter parent. Large flared trumpets are held along tall springy stems in Spring/Summer flowering followed by decorative round seed heads. Matures into a fabulous evergreen clump. Full sun or light shade. Suitable for most garden soils. 1.3m x 1m.

Sowing Advice

Seed can be sown at any time into a good quality compost or seed raising mix. Cover with fine river sand or compost to 5mm depth. Natural germination will occur outside or in a seed raising tray kept at 15-20 degrees C.  Germination takes from one to three month. Grow on the individual grass like seedlings in small pots. Protect from frost in first year. Dieramas do cross pollinate easily with other species and varieties. These seeds may produce some flower colours differing from parent plant.