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Dierama reynoldsii


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Dierama reynoldsii

All Dierama are lovely, but Dierama reynoldsii is really something special.

Deepest wine red bells

It bears slender bells of the deepest wine red, hanging in clusters from long, arching stems.
And it blooms later than most other members of the Fairy Fishing Rod family, so extending the season of delight.

Refined & elegant plant

Dierama reynoldsii sways with graceful arching flower stems in Spring and into Summer.
And cut stems also make refined and elegant vases of flowers.
In fact the whole plant is always refined and elegant, with fountains of fine foliage, tall, slender and elegant.
So it really does deserve the common name of Angel’s Fishing Rod.

Tough & hardy despite aristocratic looks

Despite her aristocratic looks, Dierama reynoldsii is equally as tough, unfussy, and easy to grow as all the other Dieramas.
So plant in Full Sun to Part Shade and it is adaptable to most soils.
Dierama reynoldsii is a frost hardy, un-fussy evergreen bulbous perennial which clumps densely but without taking up too much garden room.
And it is best left undisturbed once established where you want this beauty, as like most Dierama she resents being disturbed and divided.

1.2m High x 50cm Wide.


Sow at any time of year in punnets indoors, except mid-summer.

Germination may be hastened by soaking the seeds overnight in a glass of clean, warm (not boiling) water, before you sow them.

Then sow seeds in punnets on surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Press seeds gently into the surface, then barely cover with no more than 3mm of mix / vermiculite / fine sandy grit.
Because light is needed for seed germination.

Now place the sown punnet in a warm, well-lit position, such as a window sill (but not in direct sunlight).

Then keep mix moist but not sodden.

Temperatures of 15-20°C approx. are best for optimum germination.
So you can use a temperature controlled heat mat if you have one, or just use the natural warmth of the house.

Seedlings emerge in approx. 30 days.
But do not discard your punnet because some seeds may come later (this is a natural device by the plant to give the seedlings a better chance to avoid problems by staggering germination).

SEED COUNT: 5 seeds per pack approx. (Seeds are scarce this year and we have few to sell).

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