Ebenus cretica


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Botanical Name: Ebenus cretica
Common Name: Cretan Ebony
Family: Fababeae
Category: Hardy Shrub
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Ebenus cretica, Cretan Ebony: Endemic to the Mediterranean island of Crete. This  evergreen shrub is found on rocky, sun exposed outcrops and cliff faces. Terminal clusters of magenta-lilac racemes up to 20cm long are held above fine silvery haired trifoliate leaves in spring and early summer. Extremely dry hardy. Enjoys full sun and well drained alkaline soil. In winter keep plants drier and at a minimum of some 5°C. Reduce watering to an absolute minimum over cooler months.  Great for seaside plantings but is also frost hardy. 100cm H x 100cm W.

Sowing Advice

Sow Ebony seeds during summer autumn when temperatures are still quite warm. Sow seed into good quality, moist, seed raising mix and cover with mix to depth of seed. Place in a warm sunny position where temperatures remain around 25 to 30C  A heat bed may be used to keep a constant temperature.  Germination occurs within 14 to 25 days. Pot up into 8cm pots when large enough to handle. Plant out once all danger of frost has passed.