Echium hybrid Blue Dwarf


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Botanical Name: Echium hybrid Blue Dwarf
Common Name: Pride of Madeira Blue Dwarf
Family: Boraginaceae
Category: Hardy Perennial
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Echium hybrid Blue Dwarf, Pride of Madeira Blue Dwarf: Possibly an Echium fastuosum/pininana hybrid, this exquisite mid cobalt blue hybrid, offers a completely new smaller form. Just 1 m high it is ideal for compact gardens. It makes a low mound of several hairy, grey green rosettes held on numerous branching stems. These produce short, fat, stumpy spikes during late spring early summer giving a spectacular display. Both birds and bees are attracted to the hundreds of tiny nectar filled flowers. Proving to be a true  perennial. Only a limited number of seeds are available this year. Enjoys full sun, well drained soil and some protection from frost. Totally dry hardy. 100 cm H x 75 cm W.

Sowing Advice

Echium seeds are best sown in spring to enable a full season of growth and can be sown directly into where they are needed, preferably in well drained, sunny spot protected from wind. Seeds may be sown in early spring in good quality seed raising mix and cover thinly, place in good light in a frost free area, no heat is necessary. Seedlings appear in 4-6 weeks. Pot on into well draining gritty soil to grow on before planting out in a sunny sheltered spot in the garden. Plants  usually flower 24 months after sowing.