Echium pininana Snow Tower


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Botanical Name: Echium pininana Snow Tower
Common Name: White Echium pininana
Family: Boraginaceae
Category: Hardy Biennial /Triennial
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Echium pininana Snow Tower. White Echium pininana: Indigenous to the Canary Islands this lovely biennial has leaves in the first year and then flowers in the second year with the most amazing white towers up to 3m tall each holding literally 1000’s of pure white flowers with iridescent  blue anthers. We leave the spent flower spikes right into winter, their structural presence is welcome in the winter garden. Full Sun well drained soil. Stands dry but only mild frosts.  Self seeds. 3m x 50cm.

Sowing Advice

Echium seeds are best sown in spring to enable a full season of growth and can be sown directly into where they are needed, preferably in well drained, sunny spot protected from wind. Seeds may be sown in early spring in good quality seed raising mix and cover thinly, place in good light in a frost free area, no heat is necessary. Seedlings appear in 4-6 weeks. Pot on into well draining gritty soil to grow on before planting out in a sunny sheltered spot in the garden. Plants  usually flower 24 months after sowing.