Echium Wildpretii


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Echium Wildpretii –
The Most sought after and dramatic of all the Echiums. Stout flower spikes are made up of 100’s of small dusky, rose pink blooms each with protruding stamens holding bright blue pollen.The flower spikes arise from a prostrate rosette of radiating, furry, narrow grey leaves. Found on the volcanic slopes of the Canary Islands, this rare plant produces very few viable seeds. Because this seed has been collected from plants that are in proximity to other E. hybrids there may be some variation in seedlings produced. These plants are triennials and flower in the 3rd year (24 months after sowing). Enjoys full sun, well drained, dryish soil. Fully frost hardy. Well worth the wait but be sure to allow spent flower heads to dry so some seedlings are perpetuated for the following seasons. 1.25m H x 45cm W.

Sowing Advice-
Echium seeds are best sown in spring to enable a full season of growth and can be sown directly into where they are needed, preferably in well drained, sunny spot protected from wind. Seeds may be sown in early spring in good quality seed raising mix and cover thinly, place in good light in a frost free area, no heat is necessary. Seeddlings appear in 4-6 weeks. Pot on into well draining gritty soil to grow on before planting out in a sunny sheltered spot in the garden. Plants  usually flower 24 months after sowing.

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