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Eremurus aitchisonii



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Eremurus aitchisonii

Eremurus aitchisonii is exquisite and spectacular.
Because each spire is packed with a fuzz of tiny flowers, looking all the world like shell-pink, giant, and very plush Fox’s brushes.
They are also sweetly perfumed.

Exquisite colour & towering spires

Eremurus aitchisonii is the giant of the family.
So these exquisite summer spires tower up to over 2 metres tall.

It is also a bonus that they bloom early in the summer.
Thus evading the full heat of summer and allowing them to last much longer in the garden.
So they are simply superb to admire in the garden, and superb to cut and drool over in a vase.

Spectacular, dramatic & breath-taking spires

Spires of Eremurus aitchisonii are highly coveted (and very highly priced) commercial floristry flowers.
And have become a “Holy Grail” for gardeners seeking the spectacular, dramatic and downright breath-taking for their garden, as well as for their vase.

Water-wise & drought resistant tuber

Eremurus aitchisonii forms a substantial, underground tuber.
So making it able to withstand periods of summer dry very well, and a water-wise garden addition for gardeners struggling for enough summer water.
Plus the fact that Eremurus go completely dormant after flowering, and prefer to be kept on the dry side through summer.
So greatly helping gardeners who have to ration summer water.

Easy and low maintenance in the right spot 

Plant the fleshy tubers of Eremurus in Full Sun.
And the soil must be both fertile and well drained.
So it is wise to dig in plenty of well-rotted compost and manure, as well as a good bucket of sand before planting.
Also plant the tubers on a bed of sand to ensure perfect drainage, with their tops just 5cm. below the surface (they love to sun-bake when they are dormant).

Drought, rabbit & deer resistant

Eremurus are rarely if ever troubled by pests and diseases.
While bees, native honey-eating birds, and other beneficial pollinators just adore sipping from the nectar rich flowers.
However rabbits and deer thankfully do not enjoy the taste of Eremurus.
And the tubers are winter frost hardy, especially when protected by a mulch.
However they hate being water-logged at any time.

Breathtaking spires of 2m High flowers x 75cm Wide clump of foliage, rather like a Red Hot Poker.

SEED SOWING ADVICE: Warm – Cold – Warm.

Sow indoors at any time.

First sow the seeds onto good quality moist, well-drained seed raising mix.
Then gently press the seeds gently onto the surface to ensure good contact.
Now lightly cover with mix / grit / sand to the same depth as the seed diameter.

And place the moist, sown punnet in a warm & well-lit place (not in direct sun).
It is ideal if the punnet is kept at temperatures of 25-27°C approx. are for 5-6 weeks.
And keep the punnet moist through this warm period.
Adding a clear plastic cover helps to retain moisture in the punnet.

You can use a temperature-controlled heat mat if you have one to maintain ideal temperatures. But it is not essential. A warm window-sill or well-lit corner is also fine.

After the punnet has been kept warm and moist for 5-6 weeks.
Then cling wrap the moist punnet and keep in fridge (not freezer) for 12 weeks, to break the seed’s natural dormancy.
After the 12 weeks of chilling, then remove the punnet from the fridge, unwrap & return to the warm, well-lit place again.
Continue to keep moist.

Germination now takes 6-8 weeks approx.

Can you believe it – but Foxtail Lilies are worth every bit of this palaver.

SEED COUNT: 10 seeds per pack.
(Seeds are not often offered. But we always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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