Erigeron speciosus

‘Azure Fairy’




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Erigeron speciosus ‘Azure Fairy’

Erigeron speciosus ‘Azure Fairy’ is a wonderful old garden favourite that should be more widely grown.

Because it covers itself with large, heavily fringed daisies of rich lavender-blue, with sunny golden centres.
And those flowers shine like fine rayed stars from early summer on, right through to the end of autumn.
It is such an abundant bloomer, with flowers that seem exceptionally large for such a neat, low plant.

So ‘Azure Fairy’ is certainly considered one of the showiest of all the much loved Erigeron family.
The Erigerons have the common name of Dainty Daisies, for very good reason.

But Erigeron speciosus ‘Azure Fairy’ is also an old favourite because it is such a long lived perennial groundcover.
Hardy and easy to grow in the garden.
As well as quick and easy to raise from seed.

The large blooms of ‘Azure Fairy’ are held well above the mat of grey-green foliage, on strong stems.
So they are just long enough to pick for a vase.
And it is good to harvest blooms as it encourages even more flowering.
Bees and butterfly’s also adore the nectar laden blooms as much as we do.

A tenacious little goer

Erigeron speciosus ‘Azure Fairy’ enjoys basking in Full Sun, though it can also tolerate a little Partial Shade.
And it really appreciates well drained soil with some added humus or compost.

Though it is a tenacious little goer, and will cope with almost any type of soil, from sandy to clay, from acid to alkaline.
It is also very frost hardy. So it is able to withstand hard frosts down to about -20C, depending on conditions.

Erigeron speciosus is a native of the wild west of North America. So it is well used to coping with extremes of climate. Virtually disease free and rarely troubled by pests.

‘Azure Fairy’ is a water-wise plant

‘Azure Fairy’ can cope with heat and periods of dry better than many plants.
Providing it is mulched in summer.
And also well suited to coastal gardens as well as life in a pot.

Hardy perennial evergreen groundcover

Erigeron speciosus ‘Azure Fairy’  is a hardy perennial, evergreen, groundcover.
50cm. High in abundant flowers x 60cm. Wide ground hugging mat of evergreen foliage.

Erigeron speciosus ‘Azure Fairy’

Suitable for beginners & kids

Can be sown directly in the garden or sown in a punnet indoors for early flowers.

Sowing Directly in the garden:
Sow the seeds directly where they are to flower into finely prepared soil.
So scatter the seeds on the surface of the soil and just lightly press.
Because these seeds need light to germinate.

Now keep moist until germination.
And then young plants can be thinned and planted elsewhere in the garden where needed.
For something different sow the seed directly into the cracks between paving stones.

Sowing Indoors for fast & early plants:
First sow the seeds very thinly on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
But do not cover the seed as they need light to germinate.
Instead just lightly press the seeds into the surface of the mix to ensure good contact.

Now place the moist, sown punnet in a warm, well-lit place (not in direct sunlight).

Temperatures of 15 to 18°C approx are best for rapid and optimum germination.

Seeds germinate in 14 to 30 days.
When seedlings are large enough to handle, prick out into pots and grow on. Before planting in the garden.

SEED COUNT: 100 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count and give a generous serve).

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