Eschscholzia californica Purple Gleam


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Eschscholzia californica Purple Gleam, Californian Poppy Purple Gleam: So easy and so pretty for a hot dry garden. Showy, rosy purple cups are born on thin erect stems above the blue green finely divided foliage. The flowers are produced for months, spring, summer and autumn and make a continual display without effort. This is sometimes classified as an annual in very cold regions but needless to say it self seeds quite readily from year to year and is easily transplanted when young. Enjoys full sun, well drain soil and not fussy on soil type. 45cm H x 45cm W.

Sowing Advice

Sow Eschscholzia californica Purple Gleam seeds in good quality r seed raising mix at any time. Lightly cover with fine mix or vermiculite to their own depth. Place in a propagator or cover with a plastic lid in a warm place. We recommend germinating at 15-20 degrees C.  keep moist at all times, but do not saturate. Germination in 10 to 30 days. Pot on seedlings to harden off and mature before finally planting out in the garden. Can be sown directly into the garden at any time by simple broadcasting.

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