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Eucomis bicolor



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Eucomis bicolor

Eucomis bicolor is ridiculously easy to grow.

Neglect proof & ridiculously easy to grow

And it seems indestructibly neglect proof.
Hence it is often left abandoned in pots, or skulking in a forgotten corner behind a shed, just because it can.

Unusual beauty

But Eucomis bicolor is an unusual beauty.
And so deserves a much more prominent role in the garden.

Pokers of pink rimmed stars

Eucomis bicolor has green star flowers, with each star strikingly rimmed in burgundy-pink.
And even the foliage has a fine wine-pink rim on each leaf.
Then stout flower pokers rise in summer, with the green and pink stars packed up the stems.

With a pineapple top-knot

But Eucomis bicolor continues being different, by topping each flower poker with a top knot of foliage that looks just like a pineapple.
Now that is the definition of uncommonly beautiful.
So please don’t neglect your Pineapple Lilies, just because you can.

Critter resistant

Grow Eucomis bicolor in Full Sun to Part Shade.
Where they are not a bit fussy about soil conditions and able to thrive in both acid and alkaline pH, as well as a range of soils from sandy to clay.

And whilst these hardy bulbs are seemingly neglect-proof, some summer feed and attention will reward you with more prolific and even larger flower pokers.

Low maintenance

They do not require lifting or dividing, and can be left to multiply into a tight clump for as long as you like, until you wish to share some.
They are perfect for either garden or pots.
Being frost hardy down to -10C approx.
But best of all – despite their temptingly lush and tropical look – rabbits and deer prefer other fodder, and Pineapple Lilies are almost never bothered by pests and diseases.

Hardy, robust bulb, making strong, dense clumps.
45cm. High in flower x 60cm. Wide clump of strappy foliage.


Suitable for beginners or seed sowing with kids.

Eucomis seeds are best sown in either the autumn or the spring.

INDOORS: Sow these large seeds individually into small, deep pots.
Because the seeds quickly develop a strong tap root.

Use a good quality seed raising mix and sow the seeds onto the surface of the mix.
Then barely cover with a thin layer of perlite / vermiculite / or sieved mix, because these seeds need light to germinate. So they must not be deeply buried.

Now thoroughly moisten the small pots by standing them in a shallow water bath and allowing the moisture to percolate to the surface of the mix from below.

Then place the sown pots in a warm, well-lit position (not in direct sunlight).
A transparent cover such as a plastic bag will help keep the seeds consistently moist.
And continue to keep moist by misting from a spray water bottle as required.

Temperatures of 15-20C are ideal for rapid and optimum germination.
So you can use a heat pad if you have one, but a warm, well-lit indoors position is perfectly adequate. Because these seeds are very willing to germinate.

Seeds germinate in approximately 4 weeks at suitable temperatures, and then grow quickly.

SEED COUNT: 5 large seeds per pack.

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