Euphorbia marginata 'Kilimanjaro' SNOW ON THE MOUNTAIN


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Native of North America, this stunning annual is a sort after cut flower. The spectacular variegated pale green foliage with white margins and showy white bracted flowers appear during spring summer. When the Winter bulbs have died-off, the Spring flowers are not up yet and the rest of the garden is looking dry and derelict, you can still rely on Euphorbia marginata “Mountain Snow” for some colour, Adaptable to most soils but prefers a sunny to light shaded position. Frost resistant but drought tender.

Sowing Advice-
Euphorbia marginata Mountain Snow seed may be sown at any time in  good quality seed raising mix. Although we find the best results are when sown in early spring. Sow seed on surface of mix and just covering the seed. Do not bury the seed too deeply. Water with fine mist to avoid disturbance of the seed. Keep moist but not saturated at all times. Place in a warm semi shaded location or in a propagation tray with a constant heat of 18-22 degrees C.  Germination generally occurs in 14-21 days.  Transplant seedlings as soon as large enough to handle into larger pots or  directly into the garden once all danger of frost has past.


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