Euphorbia mellifera



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Euphorbia mellifera

Euphorbia mellifera is a stately evergreen native of Madeira and can reach 1.8m high.
But it is the intoxicating sweet, honey like scent that really captures attention, and gives it the common name of Honey Spurge.

The foliage is also attractive and distinctive, with each soft green leaf having a prominent white midrib. Then the blooms come in rounded heads of bronze-green bracts in spring, and the scent of honey pervades the air.
Needless to say native honey-eating birds and bees just can’t resist coming to sip the nectar.

Euphorbia mellifera enjoys a sheltered sunny position where it makes an impressive feature. However it does need some protection from severe frost, so it is wise to plant it near some taller shrubs or trees. It makes a very rounded, neat and evergreen shrub that is always attractive.

Honey Spurge is a very water-wise plant, and is a good choice for gardeners with limited water supply. It is very dry hardy, and drought resistant once established.

Rabbits and deer leave it entirely alone because the usual white Euphorbia sap is very bitter and stings their lips. Go Euphorbia!!!

1.8m. High x 1m. Wide


Soak Euphorbia Mellifera seed for 2 hours in warm water before sowing on the surface of good quality compost or seed raising mix. Grow at 15- 20 degrees C either on propagator heat bed or in unheated poly house.  Germination may be slow and varied. Pot on seedlings as soon as each one is large enough to handle till ready to plant out.

SEED COUNT: 10 seeds per pack approx.
(We always aim to exceed the stated seed count, and give a generous serve).

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