Euphorbia mellifera


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Euphorbia mellifera – Honey Spurge – This stately evergreen native of Madeira can reach 1.8m high. The distinct soft green foliage has a prominent whitish midrib. The rounded heads of bronze—green bracts are honey scented and appear in spring. Enjoys a sheltered sunny position where it makes an impressive feature. Needs some protection from severe frost. Very dry hardy. 1.8m x1m.

Sowing Advice –

Soak Euphorbia Mellifera seed for 2 hours in warm water before sowing on the surface of good quality compost or seed raising mix. Grow at 15- 20 degrees C either on propagator heat bed or in unheated poly house.  Germination may be slow and varied. Pot on seedlings as soon as each one is large enough to handle till ready to plant out.


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