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Fritillaria persica


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Fritillaria persica

Nodding bells of chocolate-plum adorn Fritillaria persica in spring.

A Persian beauty to lust after

So it is a stunning bulb, and has become something of a “Holy Grail” for gardeners who love the unusual.
And once you have seen a Fritillaria persica in full bloom, then you lust ever after to own one.
Plus grey-green foliage is a perfect foil for such an unusual, dark and brooding flower colour.

Easy to grow when pleased

Fortunately this exotic beauty is easy to grow, as long as you provide it’s preferred conditions.
So find a spot in Full Sun, or perhaps a little shade if you live in an area with very hot summers. Then enrich the soil with plenty of organic compost, but also ensure the soil drains very well.
So digging in some coarse sand in the planting spot is a very good idea.
Then you can leave the bulbs undisturbed for many years, and there is no need to ever dig and replant them.
Plus they will gently self-sow more babies each year, if you have given them their happy place, to create a sensational little grove of Persian beauties.

Rabbit and deer resistant

I think I might be suicidal (or at least murderous) if the nibbling pests attacked my Fritillaria persica, but fortunately they are unpalatable to my nocturnal enemies.

Frost hardy bulb.

90cm H x 20cm W.


Sow in punnets indoors during autumn/winter/spring. Seeds need a period of cold to break dormancy.

Indoors: Sow in punnets on surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then gently press the seeds to the surface of the mix to ensure good contact.
Now barely cover the seeds with mix/grit/sand.

Then place the sown punnet into a water bath (make sure the water level in the bath is below the surface of the mix).
So the moisture percolates up through the mix from the bottom to thoroughly moisten the mix throughout.
Soak for a short time until moisture appears on the surface of the mix, and then remove and drain.
Because the mix needs to be moist throughout, but not wet.

Now cling wrap the moist, sown punnet, and place in the fridge (not freezer) for 4-6 weeks.
This is needed to break the natural dormancy of the seeds.

After the period of chilling in the fridge, unwrap the punnet, re-moisten, and place the punnet in an unheated, cool, light place.
Most seedlings should emerge in 30 days.
But do not discard the punnet too quickly, as it is natural for the seeds of Fritillaria persica to come individually at erratic intervals.
So some seeds may come later, and this is because the seeds are distributed by wind in nature, and it is a big advantage to have them germinate erratically over a period of time.

Seed Count: 6 seeds per pack approx. (Seed is not often available).

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