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Galtonia viridiflora


Syn. Ornithogalum viridiflorum

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Galtonia viridiflora
Syn. Ornithogalum viridiflorum

Galtonia viridiflora has exquisite lime-green, creamy bells.
It does bloom in the summer; and it does smell divine. So the flower spikes do indeed resemble giant and very beautiful Hyacinths.

Exquisite fragrance from lime-green bells

However the common name of “Green Summer Hyacinth” is misleading.
Because a Hyacinth it ain’t.

Hardy & easy bulb

But Galtonia viridiflora is a very hardy bulb. Trouble free and easily grown. Frost hardy and well able to be left undisturbed in the garden or pot for many years to just get on with the job of being beautiful.
Plant the bulbs in Full Sun to half a day of Shade.
Galtonia viridiflora is not a thirsty plant and copes well with moderate to average garden watering.
Though the bulbs do appreciate some extra compost and organic matter in the planting hole.

Commercial quality cut flowers

Because Galtonia viridiflora blooms on strong, sturdy, weatherproof stems. Plus the waxy green bells have an exceptionally long vase life and retain their lovely fragrance indoors.
So Galtonia viridiflora is a valued for floristry. And farmed as a commercial quality cut flower.

Loved by bees & detested by rabbits

While bees, butterflies and useful pollinating insects adore the fragrant summer bells, and flock to them in the garden.
However rabbits and deer treat them with ignore as they dislike the taste of Galtonia.
Just as well, because a gardener could turn murderous if they touched these treasured bells.

So in summary, Galtonia viridiflora is a hardy, easily grown bulb.
With spectacular flower spires to 75cm. approx.
And neat, strappy foliage like a small Agapanthus.

Galtonia viridiflora Syn Ornithogalum viridiflorum

Sow seeds any time indoors in punnets, or scatter directly in garden from late winter to spring.

Sow indoors for quick, early plants: First sow the seeds on the surface of good quality seed raising mix.
Then pat gently into the surface of the mix and only just barely cover with sieved mix, sand or vermiculite.

Now thoroughly moisten the sown punnet. Stand it in a shallow water bath.
And allow the moisture to percolate up to the surface of the mix from below.

Then place punnet in a warm, well-lit position (not in direct sunlight).

Temperatures of 18-22°C approx. are best for rapid and optimum germination.

And continue to keep moist by misting the mix surface with a spray water bottle when required.

Seedlings then emerge in approx. 14-21 days.

However if there is no germination after 3 weeks it means the seeds are dormant and require a period of chilling to break their natural dormancy.
So wrap the moist, sown punnet in cling-wrap and keep in fridge (not freezer) for 4-6 weeks.
Then return to a well lit position at 18-22C for germination.
However do not discard the punnet as seeds will continue to germinate for a staggered period after the chilling.

Seed Count: 5 seeds per pack. Seed of this beautiful plant is scarce this year.
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